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We are working away to re-plan our camp to adapt to the digital format. Check back often for updates!

Camp Dates: June 22-26, 2020

our special guest!

Meet Amber G, Music Interpreter and Motivational speaker. Often praised for her ability to show the connection between lyrics and sounds, Amber's music interpretations demonstrate the emotional bonds which have driven music lovers to concerts for years. Her interpretations bring the music to life in a way that is not often seen in music interpreting. Deaf audience members have often said they are able to connect to music performance more than they ever had in the past. Her interpretations delighted and inspired hearing music aficionados to learn sign language. Amber has always loved music and the Deaf community, but it was not until she saw the San Antonio Deaf Dance Company and the Wild Zappers perform that she realized that she could hone her interpreting skills to bridge the access gap in the music industry. When her childhood dream of becoming the first white female rapper went unrealized (outside of her shower), she turned this passion and gift into a specialization in music interpreting-especially hip hop and rap. Deaf people that truly love and adore music often request her because they know she will "bring it". Every song and genre is Amber's favorite! She has over 20 years of interpreting and has a Master's Degree in ASL/English Interpreting.

We are excited she will be coming this year to our virtual camp! Who is Amber G? She will be helping us to “Visualize What Your Future Holds!” Amber is famous for saying, “Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it; you can achieve it. Never give up on whatever motivates you, just follow it.”

Stay At Home Story

This is a great ASL story to help your younger kiddos feel more comfortable with staying at home.

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Each summer Deaf and hard of hearing kids choose to spend a week at the amazing Signs of Fun Summer Camp, participating in fun activities and sharing time with others who use American Sign Language.

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