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How do I pay the camp fee?

Please submit payment of camp fee via check or PayPal.

Checks should be made out to "Signs of Fun Camp" and mailed to the following address (for both Hawaii and Virginia campers):

16-566 Keaau Pahoa Road, Suite 188-641
Keaau, Hawaii 96749

Please note that camp fees increase after the late registration date. If the check is postmarked before the late registration date, we will accept it at the normal registration price.

If camp fees have not been paid when camp starts, you may pay for registration in cash only when you drop off your camper.

Can my child stay at camp overnight?

Unfortunately, no. We are a day camp. Campers arrive at 9:00 AM and leave at 3:00 PM.

If your family would like to spend the night at our Virginia camp, we recommend you contact the Wilderness Presidential Resort to discuss pricing and availability of lodging.

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When is pick-up and drop-off?

You are welcome to drop your camper off between 8:45 - 9:00 AM. Please pick your camper up from camp between 3:00 -3:15 PM.

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What happens if I'm late to pick up my camper?

Contact us as soon as you know you will be late. For the first 10 minutes we charge a fee of $5 and there is a charge of $1/minute thereafter. After 30 minutes you will be charged $35.

We need our team leaders to be able to go home, rest, and return refreshed and ready to care for campers the next day.

What should my camper bring with them?

Campers should pack a backpack with:

  • Lunch in a lunchbox (no refrigerator available)

  • Water bottle(s)

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

Campers should wear:

  • Comfortable clothes for being active outdoors

  • Close toed shoes

What kind of camp are you?

We are a camp for Deaf, Deaf/Blind, and hard of hearing children. Additionally, we welcome the siblings of those DHOH campers.

Unfortunately, we are not a camp for Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs). If you are interested in a camp for CODAs check out:

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Can I be a counselor if I live outside of Hawaii/Virginia?

Heck yes you can! We welcome counselors from all over! In fact, we recommended counselors stay on-site (paid for by the camp). Head over to our Apply to Volunteer page for more information! 

Generally, counselors stay three to a trailer. They need to bring pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, and food. The trailer has AC, water, and electricity. The camper has a full bathroom and a full kitchen (fridge, stove, oven, sink, dishes; NO microwave).

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Is my contribution/donation tax-deductible? 

Camper Fees: Day camp or summer camp fees, even for camps centered around a sport or activity, qualify if the camp is selected to provide care while the parent or parents are at work. 
Donations: Most assuredly these are tax-deductible. Our information can be found on Guidestar* here:

*GuideStar gathers and distributes nonprofit information to help people make better decisions.

I'm learning ASL in college. Can I get involved with camp?

Great question! The answer is mostly dependent on your proficiency in ASL. If you'd like to be a counselor, please head over to our "Apply to Volunteer" page and look over the qualifications. If there's another way you'd like to help, please reach out and contact us. We're happy to discuss options and find a place for you!

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