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Camp Director

I arrived here from the Aloha state, Hawaii, bodysurfing all the way. The idea was to wear me out so I could not be so hyperactive. It didn't work (ask the campers!). If you catch me standing still, be very quiet. I am asleep!

I've been here a few years tormenting and testing our campers with my silliness. We have had many a good time together trying to be as messy in our camp events as possible, much to Ms. Van Horn's chagrin! This next year you'd all better look out! Parents, know that we are going to possibly be more colorful than last year as I learned my lesson on how many bottles of paint to buy!!!




Aloha!! My name is Jessie, and I am hard of hearing. I studied E.I.M.T. (Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology) and received my associate's at Hawaii Community College of Hilo.


I’m proudly working full-time at Hawaiian Telcom and want to use my Malama hours for Signs of Fun Camp!


I hope to connect with the local deaf/hard-of-hearing community and be a role model for the keikis. I am a single mom of a 11 year old. My hobbies are hiking and woodworking. I love nature and working with tools.


Looking forward to having fun with all the Keikis and other volunteers at Signs of Fun Camp!!! Hope to see you there!



HSL Instructor 

I'm Chinese Deaf born in Hawai'i. I'm retired as an ASL instructor for 30 years. My talents are dancing hula, storytelling, performer, mentor & deaf interpreter. I'm grandma of 7 hearing & mom of 3 hearing CODA children.

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